Sunday, December 20, 2015


I look for you among the willows
Hunt you on the breeze
Hold your hand tightly
Plant on your lips disease
I'll capture you every moment
Leave you on your knees
The hounds are there watching silently
As the withering completes
Listen for me as a siren
Catch your breath as I pass by
Hold in your scream
Honey I'll show you the best way to die
Confuse you with paradise.


  1. Such stunning words put together so eloquently <3 Yoy have such a talent, a beautiful talent <3

    1. Hello Eve
      I wanted to stop by
      As I don't get notifications when you post
      Maybe I need to follow you again
      Which I will do when I get on to a laptop

      You are beautiful
      And so very talented

      Much love x

  2. Disease is impossible if you go wherest I goest, my fine and worthy liege: follow us and wiseabove...

    What's your address again in the hereafter, dear?? Mine is: 111 Rock-Solid-Ave, MilkyWeight, Seventh-Heaven - an intense, stuccoish mansion in a cul-de-sac with mountain biking trails you may conform with your thots AND a sassy, savvy, passionate antidote: an ultra-intense, kick-ass, party-hardy every, single, evening with avatars, faeries, cereal killers and front-row-seats (plus, we gotta lotta IQ-to-K2, if ya know whatEYEmean HintHint). Everything and more!! is YOURS in the Great Beyond with our eXquisite ostentation.

    Wanna join me? ...cuzz the other realm aint too cool, brudda.

    1. Everything was pretty garbled in that. I know of Jesus and we're cool. By cereal killers I hope you mean people that eat a lot of Captain Crunch and K2 gives you seizures. I don't really know if God has you partying and doing drugs, at least, I hope that's not a requirement because I would rather read and hang out and explore the cool stuff there.