Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mortem Aestas

His hand wraps round her neck like a sultry, sharpened drape
Lycan fingers clasping and counting
Each delicate vertebrae
 Gently stroking the exposed ivory 
Lips close
With breath frost aquamarine 
He has her little humming bird heart
On harlot knees
Emerald pines bare witness silently
To summer's setting in her opaline eyes
Ask for mercy
Diminishing shrouds of vibrant pride 
A darkening rush
Of snow flaked breeze 
And suddenly find
The forest lonely. 


  1. Just a quick author's note: I had the idea for this piece walking one night when it felt like the exact moment you knew when there was a transition in the seasons and I had hoped to create a sort of story, how winter prowled like a wolf, searching for summer endlessly every year. It became this tragic death once he found the object of his hunt, this love that he could never have because he must kill her to bring about the months of his reign. I worked and worked on the opening and yet I was drawn to write about her death and so, after many many revisions, this is my final draft, though I think I could eternally edit my writing. I hope you enjoyed. Feedback is always welcome!

  2. Absolutely beautiful and mesmerising writing as always you stunning person. I love you so much!!! Xxx

    1. You're so good to me. That means so much and I love YOU beautiful!

  3. Beautiful. You really are a gifted writer, Eve. Did you write much before blogging, or has it evoked a flame within you?

    Love <3

    1. Thanks a ton Bella. I guess I never considered myself gifted, but I do like hearing people enjoy reading what I create. I always wrote and journaled as a kid but then blogging helped me fond my style of writing and the anonymity of it helped me branch out I'm so sensitive about people I know in real life reading it because it's so personal to me so I like to play around on here. Thanks for hanging in there. We're going on three years together. :D

  4. Hey eve.

    Love your writing. I will read it again and make proper comment. But i just wanted to reply to a comment i noticed on ruby's blog.

    I noticed you do a long commute as well. I do a two hour drive to study and also have a job so the days can be long. I find those ocasional days where i feel a touch of ED returning are usually only temporary.

    I hope its the same for you.