Friday, August 30, 2013

One Ticket Out of Stockholm, Please

That's what comes to mind every time he and I talk.
See, the thing is, I can't let him go.
And sometimes I even doubt that it was an emotionally abusive relationship.
                Maybe I'm crazy....
He calls me asking what I want with us and do I ever see us having another chance or think about it.
                I don't see us together. 
"I mean, yeah, I do think about it. I love you a lot and I care about you. We were together a long time and I just can't imagine us never talking again. I DO want you in my life."
               You're selfish. 
He tells me that I'm selfish, that he is trying to change his life, that I'm a self-loathing bitch.
Oh, and that I just need to tell him that I'm not coming back and then we can't talk anymore.
                But I don't want to never talk to you again... 
                       what about my dog? 
Yes, I actually care about getting my dog he gave me back, even if he was the one that had to take care of her the most.
We've flirted one time when I came back to college. I was sorry.... Comfort slides on like an old sweater.
               You're crazy. 
What's happening to me?
I don't give him much but I don't give him enough to leave....
                You're mean, spiteful, self-loathing, just like he says. 
It's like my heart cracks in two every time I imagine us not talking and I've already cried four times this week because of him.
On Monday he talked to me for 55 minutes, getting angry, getting sad, ranting and raving.
I listened patiently, quietly.
Then it dawned on me: I don't care how he's there, I just want him there and I will listen to his ranting just to have him there.
                What's wrong with me? 
"My counselor says that you won't have a good relationship with him right after being done with me."
                I was ready for a healthy relationship though...
"Maybe, maybe not though, but his counselor has to build a relationship with him so that he'll trust her and they can work on things." My friend's reassurance.

I don't know if anyone has been in an emotionally abusive relationship like this, but I know for a fact it feels like nothing is real.
His abuse didn't even feel real to me.
He would tell me that I need to grow up.
                I'm only 22... This is as much life as I've lived...
He told me that I'm too silly and that I still dress like I'm in high school.
               I didn't think I did.... 
He told me that I'm too clingy and/or needy.
               I just wanted you to ask me about my day/hold my hand/call me when I was sad... 
Somehow during a fight he would tell me what he did was wrong, admitting guilt for this or that, but then he would also tell me what I did wrong and somehow it always came out me  being wrong.
I don't even know if he knew he did that...
He was dominant in arguments and would make me feel like he could leave me but he didn't.
Like I could leave if I really thought it was so bad.
Subtle though.
                I'm not a quitter... I don't abandon people...
He didn't always say these things but they were implied.
               Did that just happen? 
He would lump me in with all counselors and psychologists, saying that I was like them, constantly flipping things around, switching the emphasis from myself to someone else.
That like them, I don't deal with my problems but I want to deal with the problems of others.
It felt like a dig at my chosen profession, but that I would only be good at because I was screwed up.
I almost wasn't going to apply to grad school because I doubted myself so much...
His anger was explosive and if it could switch onto you if you even looked at him.
It would switch to you anyway if you didn't engage in it.
He would tell me I didn't have any reason to be depressed, that his drug use hurt him more than it hurt me, that I just need to deal with tough love.
It was like I was selfish for wanting basic things a girlfriend wants.
"You want less than half of what girlfriends normally want and you just want a genuinely nice person that enjoys spending time with you." I remember that's what a friend told me when I asked her what was wrong with me...
He wouldn't be emotionally available to me, we couldn't talk about anything, and somehow he was the victim, but it always felt like somehow he would highlight that I was playing the victim and there was no reason for it.
He wasn't emotionally available, but he put in the effort and nothing is ever enough to me and he provides for me by giving me a place to live, food, paying for things.
                I didn't ask you to do all those things though, I just want you to love me. 
But he would tell me that he did those things because he loves me.
There was an excuse for his behavior.
I needed to learn to own up to mine and stop being avoidant.
There was an excuse for why he couldn't be as empathetic.
"Addiction is a disease. I'm trying."

                 Maybe nothing is happening... 
                             Maybe..... it's me......

I pretended to be upset that he headbutted me (it wasn't really hard) but you know, I wasn't.
That's how fucked up it must have been.
                  It won't happen again... It was just this once. 
I almost felt like I deserved it because I was in his face too and had been really bitchy during that argument.
"Oh, and it was your fault he washed his crank too, right?" My friend's voice echos in my head.

                  Let him go....

Why can't I just let him go?
Why does it hurt so much?
Am I an awful person? A selfish bitch?

It should easy, right? I should be so fed up with everything that I shouldn't have just left, I should have changed my number, and let him and my dog go along with the good times mixed in there.
I'm happy with L. I'm happier than I have been in a long time.
I'm supported, appreciated, respected, loved, and adored.
WHY do I struggle?
I would take any advice just to understand... I just want someone to make sense of why I feel like I do...

                   What's wrong with me?

One ticket out of Stockholm, please.

Friday, August 23, 2013


There are a few stray guitar picks in his cup holder.
The uncle necklace his nephew made him hangs from the rearview mirror, lazily cutting into the western sun as it sways.
He's reading some space trilogy by C.S. Lewis and it sits snuggled up with my Bible.
Sometimes his Ibanez lays in the backseat and always a change of work clothes.
He reaches for my hand and makes sure he never let's it go.

His hands.
I don't know why but I love them.
They're always slightly stained with oil from his job and nimbly find their way up and down the necks of guitars.
Stroking the back of my hand.

It was really difficult to move back to college.
The key turned in the lock and the door swung open to emptiness.
The room isn't the only thing that feels empty in the long winter months.
I put up all my pictures first in that collage fashion I like to do, with newspaper phrases and photos and things my uncle painted mixed in.
The orchid Tony bought me sits on my desk, a reminder.
Tug at my fragile heart strings.
I quit my officer position right away.
How many times have a stretched myself too far?

I miss him.
I miss home for once.
Mom, her boyfriend, my grandparents, even my dad and stepmom/siblings.
Phone bill overages to pay from Tony and I arguing so much.
$510.75 summer classes bill.
My computer completely died the day before classes started. (My uncle and family are pitching in to get me a new one as a graduation gift. Counting a blessing.)
Knowing that this is only the beginning of bills to come...
Knowing that soon I won't get much sleep and will be upset and exhausted with more deadlines that mental power to reach them.
I get bad depression during the school year and I can't have a semester like the last.
I don't want to have to be a perfectionist anymore..
I'm terrified I won't get accepted into grad school.
I'm terrified I won't get all my bills paid.
I'm super terrified I won't pass this research class so that I can graduate.
<Dear Lord, please don't let this semester jeopardize my recovery...>

I could barely breath let alone sit still, anticipating the moment he would get here.
It had been ten days since I left for college.
Lights pulled up the incline and parked but I was already out the door.
Smiles that split out faces like a sunrise.
Closing the last fifteen feet, I ran to him.
He laughed lightly and pulled me into a hug.
And I felt it all click into place again, the pieces and parts we tore in half that day I left.

Our vacation to see my best friend and ride roller coasters was a much needed way to start school.
She and I laughed loudly and easily while he shyly smiled, offering a sarcastic comment now and then, perfectly placed.
She and I took the front row of the fast and scariest ride and on the rest he held my hand until we went over the first drop. I've never had a boyfriend, besides when I was 16, that would be hang out with my friends and I, just enjoying life.
Sometimes I don't know how to act when he turns down the music just to tell me that I'm beautiful, or when he tells me that my problems are his now and that we do things together.
Sometimes I worry that talking about school will bore him or he'll become frustrated with my rants about money, my research class, or the freshmen that walk in front of you texting taking the whole sidewalk.
He doesn't.

And then there are nights like the last four when I dream of Tony...
Hollow sadness of the healing pain seeps out.
In the end, I find myself wishing to hold on to Tony but that's selfish.
I've destroyed with my own hands and I should let my last finger tips go.
Fear holds on tightly to our hearts and covers our eyes.
We still talk but it won't work because I'm not having up L.
We're done, no more chances.
Let go......
           ......but I love him....

There are people we keep around in our lives who are toxic.
Maybe they aren't bad people.
Just mixing the wrong chemicals.
Almost as though black smoke follows them to reach down unsuspecting throats.
Yours in particular.
They're no good for you.
But they remind us of the dark places we went.
Could go.
Have gone.
Claw out from under where you stashed your morals.
You'll never let them go because they set a memory.
A precedent.
A boundary you'll never again cross.
And I wonder,
Who's blackness am I?

<Please Lord, give me the strength....>

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Day in the Life

I realized I've been talking a lot about my lifestyle change and that I'm going to work on recovery and no one probably knows what that entails. 
I didn't even really know what that entailed, to be honest. 
I figured it would probably pretty much involve me showing up to the gym like usual when my trainer told me that we were going to begin and then doing some stuff. 
I thought I could just slam some whey, eat some lean protein, eat a ton of veggies and some fruit, and call it good. 
Well, sort of. 
Turns out I do lots of limit testing and lots of eating and lots of learning to correct the negative and unhealthy thinking.
Emily also asked me interesting questions regarding all this and if it actually perpetuates my ED so I thought, why not make a post showing this side of things? 

Here's what I had to eat today. Turns out I'm supposed to eat 5 oz of the Greek yogurt but I thought it was three. Oh well. Stuff's expensive! 
I thought I would add some visual aids because I feel like I'm always thinking, "Man! I this is a lot of food!"  

Meal #1: 
1 egg
1/2 cup egg beaters (no cholesterol or bat fat, but all the protein) 
1/2 cup oatmeal
1 tsp olive oil 
Calories: 319
Protein: 21 grams
So much breakfast!

Meal #2: 
5 oz Fage Fat Free Greek yogurt
1 oz almonds, plain
1 apple 
Calories: 344
Protein: 21
3 oz of yogurt instead of 5

Post workout: 1/2 a poptart-simple sugars for quick energy (yes, it's allowed! :D) 
Calories: 140 (ish?)...the whole thing is 200
Ended up eating the last half later. oops :)

Meal #3: 
3 oz chicken breast 
4 oz Jasmine rice 
1/2 cup cucumbers sliced
Calories: 250
Protein: 27 grams

Meal #4 
3 oz Tuna, white, packed in water
2 oz brown rice
1/2 cup cucumber
Calories: 243
Protein: 26 grams
Forgot the cucumbers. Same amount as above

Meal #5:
1/2 cup Cottage Cheese, lowfat
Calories: 95
Protein: 14
I didn't think anyone needed a picture of this. I just dipped half a cup in the container and ate it out of that.

Total calories for the day: 1391
Total protein: 109 grams

Water: 83 ounces
I bought this huge, 50.7 ounce (liter and a half) smart water and just keep using it since it holds so much.
I usually drink 1 1/2 of this minimum 

I texted my trainer and said, "Why do I have to eat so much rice!?"
I mean, come on!
He said, "It's a complex carb that gives your body energy on a level plane. There are vitamins and minerals your body needs. And it's easy to prepare and stores well. And it digests really well."
Fair enough.

Mondays and Thursdays are my absolute favorite lifting days: Leg Day.
I do three reps of 12-10-8 of increasing weight each time and depending on what I want to do, I switch things up.
One thing to remember is that compound moves such as squats are better than always doing isolated moves like just extentions or just leg curls.
Today I did:
*Leg extensions (to warm up the quads)
*Squats with a plate-this means you have a 10 lb plate under each of your heels to elevate your butt a little and then you deep squat. Good stuff!
**Wide leg presses
Calves-no calf machine in this gym so I had to do them on the leg press. You turn you legs in, then out, then centered to get all the muscles. 12 reps each way.
*Sumo squats-upped it to 90 lbs!
*Donkey kicks (with cables)
*Weighted Lunges
*Bridges with the bar
*Ball squeezes (lay on your stomach on a bench with a huge ab ball between your legs and you lift up.)

So that's a little overview of a day in the life of the new strength training me.

I've struggled with trying to put words to the mental aspect of this.
I guess it's like anything you love doing, only it's somehow different.
The thing about people is that it doesn't matter what it is, we crave something to fill the holes and empty spaces inside of us.
We crave purpose.
We have a deep desire to become.
Lifting for me is a parallel of my mind.
Maybe that sounds weird, but when you begin, you start low.
Some muscle groups are stronger than others, obviously, but build.
Just like you learning to be healthy mentally.
You can't approach the bar intimidated.
You never go back from the place you started.
When I'm in the middle of a set and I'm trying to max out I get this momentary thought that I can't do it, it's too heavy, it's too hard, but I have to override that thought and put everything I have into pushing the weight.
It's kind of amazing, how much strength we have the capacity to possess.
I never want to quit though. I always want to increase the weight.
When I'm in the mindset you have to be in to be anorexic everything is fear oriented.
I'm anxious. I'm upset. I'm depressed.
NOTHING is ever good enough.
I guess what I've been learning is that it's okay to be proud of myself.
It's okay to be positive in regards to my strengths and it's okay to have weaknesses.

The down side is that I do still have the obsessive tendencies.
The ones that tell me I'm not good enough, that I should be squatting more, that my muscle definition isn't as good as I want to believe, that I'm big even though I'm not (I'm smaller actually), that I need to lower my overall body fat percentage.
I don't like rest days.
I don't like it when I'm not sore.
I get impatient that I'm not where I want to be yet.
My trainer reminded me constantly that it's the journey, not the destination.
I try to make a conscious effort to be kind to myself and to not turn to self-destruction and self-deprecation.
Why do I need to be in control of things all the time?
I don't.
The only control I really need to have is in the weight room.

I eat a lot. You can see from the pictures.
I asked my trainer about getting abs eventually and he told me I would have to eat even more than I'm comfortable with to have them.
Looking good doesn't come with punishment anymore.
The thing is, I never get hungry like I used to because I get to eat throughout the day, I don't get as many crazy cravings, I feel clean, and I look better than ever.
I get relieved looks now since moving back to college and I get told often how healthy and FIT I look.
I don't want to be hungry or empty anymore. Anorexia is just this black chasm I don't ever want to fall into again.
L and I talked about this spring and where we were in our lives and he said, "The thought of losing my bright-eyed girl to her inner demons is terrifying to me. I just...I don't know what I would do."
The fact that someone loves me enough to want the best for me and for the future is just, wow.
It's not just about me like I thought.
It hurts other people. I don't always know it, but it does.
We are selfish creatures though, so every day we have to work at it.

That's a little bit of a look inside my revamped life, intake, exercise, and all.
I feel like it's really hard for me to describe to you all what goes on in my mind.
All I know is that I want desperately to be better and to be healthy.
I seek failure daily so that I can be strong.
I do a lot more thanking and seeking God because when I gave up what I thought I had control over, I was blessed more than I could imagine.
Success and perceived perfection are addictions we chase.
I don't know why it's so easy to get hooked on hating ourselves and destroying the beauty we posses.
I don't know.
I'm far from where I should be, but I'm closer than I was yesterday.
I'm really nervous about school starting Monday because I worked really hard to be where I am mentally and it's a huge trigger being back.
Inadequate. Dumb. Imperfect. Too easy going for college. Procrastinator. Fat.
I don't want it.
Summer is always my favorite season because it's when good things seem to grow and flourish and you can take time for yourself.
I have to apply for my counseling masters program by October so I'm feeling a little intimidated by that as well.
Just gotta trust God and push through.

So, this is where I'm at. I'm sorry if it's not as structured.
Sometimes it's hard to truly grasp the changes in your life and growth that's taking place within.
I want to keep writing on here if nobody minds :) because I have found it's a great kind of therapy for me to write those story-like posts I do frequently and do some reflection. I like all the feedback and thoughts I get too.
I want to do a year's worth of progress on my training as well .
Plus, I would miss many of you that have shared your lives!

What do you like to do that does for you what lifting does for me? What's your passion?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Don't Look Back

It's beginning to sink in, the fact that I have turned a new chapter in my life.
The pages of the old crackle beneath this fresh sheet and I can feel tears tugging at my eyes.
I read through some entries from this winter and I almost deleted them.
Being so weak makes me so ashamed.
"It's the journey, not the destination."
I loaded up everything into my car and looked around the living room at my mom's.
Tug at my heart.
You're never too old to be a momma's girl.
She and her boyfriend never judge me and they're so supportive.
Never hesitated to take me in after the breakup when I showed up on the doorstep with my things.
I didn't have time to do the dishes so I felt a twinge of guilt.
After last night, the reality of what I had done sunk in.
L and I stopped at a friend's, just making my goodbye rounds.
Tony called saying he was coming for his iPod and my dog.
I hadn't had time yet to add music and we were yelling at each other.
I had been told he'd been seeing a few girls all winter.
He denied in a genuinely earnest way, but who knows.
L and I went to my house to wait and Tony was telling him I'm a cheater and this and that so I slapped him.
I don't know why...
I'm so sorry...
Just hurt and angry..
He retaliated by punching L and I got in the middle and shoved him away.
I had a hold of his shirt and wouldn't let him go because I didn't want him to hurt L and when he jerked away it hurt my finger.
I should have controlled my emotions.
I should have broken up with him better, if there is such a way.
I shouldn't have seen him when he asked because he found hope. .the fact that we can't reconcile kills me.
I put the music on his iPod before I left and he gave me the orchid he had meant for me to have.
It's my favorite flower.
Tears me apart.
I remember he once have me one for Valentine's Day and said something to the effect that it was supposed to symbolize our relationship so it couldn't die.
Many beautiful orchid plants died since then.
I promise I'll keep this one alive.
I drove to L's work and gave him hug after hug and kisses meant to be the last ones but never were.
He's been my support, unwavering, through it all.
"God, please give me the strength..."
What happens now when the chaos of school begins?
I guess I see now that things had to be how they are for a reason.
No chances with Tony because it wasn't healthy.
I already made unhealthy ones as it was.
L and I wouldn't have had as strong of a foundation without the time we spent together.
I needed support to be healthier.
I'm amazed at the bullets God helps us dodge.
This morning I went to the gym for my final training session and pinch test.
"Lie detector" was written across one side of it.
Stepped on the scale and felt my heart momentarily sink.
A three pound increase from the last time.
Then he pinched each area used to figure everything.
I was restless, moving my hands from my hips to messing with my shirt.
He looked up at me with his eyebrows raised and shaking his head at my disapproval.
"Wow! I can't believe this!"
I looked nervously at the paper quickly, just knowing I gained fat back since my eating had been less than clean the last few days and I had drank three days in a row.
"Okay, you increased by three pounds again but it was all muscle! You're now 115 pounds of lean muscle and you lost another third pound of fat. You went down from 19.06% body fat to 18.44%!"
A rush of air released from my anxious lungs and a giant grin replaced my furrowed brow.
I'm proud of myself.
I'm proud of my strength and my drive and my intense love of the weight room.
Take all the struggles and channel it through plates and dumbbells and bars.
I don't know why he decoded to train me for free, but I gave him a huge hug and thanked him for helping me to get healthy again.
So many people have saved me from the brink of going back.
I just never thought I would be here and it brings tears to my eyes.
I've thanked God a million times already.
I'm scared too.
Anorexia tells me not to feel because that's safer.
It tells me that change is scary and life is uncertain so to hold back.
It tells me lies and holds me hostage.
Depression locks out my blessings until I can't even count the big ones.
"Ugly, fat, whore."
There's no more room for your voice.
I'm scared of more relapsing.
True recovery is an uphill battle and I'm applying to a counseling graduate program this fall.
Pressure is high.
"I'll bend but I won't break."
God give me the strength to accept what I can't change.
Teach me to not destroy myself when I meet an immovable force.
You're stronger.
Teach me to feel.
Teach me to pick up a dumbbell before I restrict.
Teach me to not blame myself and forgive myself for Tony.
Help me make this relationship better.
Help me to accept myself.
It's a new chapter.
Here's to a new journey.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lessons in Growth

"We'll never be this young again, I just realized.
Laying naked on his futon.
Staring at the ceiling.
"Nope, we won't."
Traces my hip with his finger.
"I guess it just made me realize we'll never inhabit a moment again."
Ambiguous, yet it's usually us hiding.
Taking handfuls of hopes and days and scattering them.
Come back for more to make more trivial attempts and sense out of the nothingness we perpetuate.
We could be anything, but instead we choose to fall under the rush of frantic wings of imagined necessity.
And sometimes we break away.
When I was 14 my friend told my mom in a note what was happening to me.
I wasn't mad and it made the abuse stop.
Collapse into darkness and anorexia.
At 22, much older than then and much younger than the range of possibility, I have weathered some storms.
Dad worked too much and hid his struggles under caged floors to release when I turned away.
Mom felt that expansion of the blackness depression.
Fighting, yelling, chaos, starving.
        <the cop said I wanted to do it.>
                       <please, I didn't know what to say, just scared and shamed.>
I met Tony and he destroyed himself too while I piled back on bricks to make amends and threw a few at the windows.
Opening the drawer to find less spoons as I find reasons to justify the comfort of others.
My mom tried to commit suicide one Christmas day.
I felt the unraveling.
    <Will there ever be a day I don't want to fly away from this life?>
It inhabits our bones like cold.
Force it out but human nature is our design.
When L has his arm around me or comes from behind to hug me around my waist the memories snapshot in....
Truthfully, I accepted that this summer would be no different.
Woking for love he had for me but couldn't express, some drug use I would claim hurt me too, insecurity, fights. You know, we had good times too.
Xbox playing, camping, eating dinner we cooked, walks with the dogs, vacation, those showers where we would tall for ages because somehow water loosens inhibitions.
Tony is not a monster and he keeps more pain and intruders away that would hurt him by being like he is.
He also provides, works very hard (even days he's coming down and rarely misses work), doesn't judge, respectful. 
There were still nights I sat on the porch with a bottle of wine and tried to force together pieces that didn't fit...
Leaving was something I never saw coming.
Neither did he.
Laying in the dark, me on my back, his arm across my stomach.
Cheeks wet from tear after tear that replaced each old one.
Chest heavy, heart threatening to burst through my ribcage.
I held it in and let a new sun rise and set on the old that sticks itself in between the wrinkles of my brain.
"I feel terrible L! Maybe I should have done something different or maybe I went too fast. He hurts  and I try so hard not to hurt anyone but I do it anyway!"
"You have so much faith in people that it borders on child-like naivety. I'm almost jealous because I don't have that kind of faith. You want to help others to the point that you'll take their burdens and you can't. No one can."
"But I try. I just don't want anyone to hurt."
A few more tears slip from my eyes and find a place to hide in the creases of my pillow.
He raises up to hover over me and kisses and hugs me.
I can feel a few of hid curls wet from skimming my face.
I found I live my life for others.
My happiness seems selfish to me, but I truly am selfish in the end because I pleased too many people and you can't appease fickle whims long.
I don't know if I did things right.
Coming back to Tony gave him hope when there was none but I missed him so much...
Even now.
I just want to be friends.
   <please don't leave my life completely...>
Dating L was probably a low blow to already weak knees, but I would have went back.
<please forgive me, I really do love you...>
I never saw a day when I would be healthy.
I assumed there would always be heartache and I would be this way forever.
Fervent praying.
Restless days.
Sleeping too heavily at night.
I left.
I think that day I walked out on more than an unhealthy relationship.
Slowly, from that day on, I began to regain my life.
You see, we let the ache for a better life live there below the surface.
Feed it.
Compliment it with excuses.
Live as a victim.
Put off recovery from an eating disorder because I'll get fat and emotions are too intense.
"God, make me strong enough to stand naked and vulnerable in the face of the things I deny and hide from. Please help me overcome."
Sadness is addictive, but so is happiness. I'm scared to forge ahead, but I can't go back.
The sun is rising and you can't block it out for long.
"Alright, you weigh 139 now."
"Oh... that's huge."
"What is it with you and that scale? It's not your worth. We only use it to calculate all this. You pulled out your tissue on the scale and started crying about it but you didn't even let me get to this part. You are now 112 pounds of lean muscle and you lost half a pound of fat. You went from 19.76% body fat to 19.04%!"
"But will I get bigger?"
"139 is as high as I see you getting. I think that you really have a good body for bikini if you wanted to."
"I don't want to compete but I want to get that fit. I can't go back."
"Yah, but you can make this unhealthy too. You have to work on your mind."
"I'm trying. Little by little."
Little by little.
Looking for life.
Forgetting what it's like to crave the comfort of sadness and fear growing because it hurts.
What have you learned this summer?
Will you decide to look up?
Rush of feathers to hope.
Fly away with me?

Friday, August 2, 2013


I'll break your heart a thousand times before I break your spirit.
It may feel like I have now,
But I haven't.
No, these cracks come from the routine of every day life.
Eyes that no longer light for the other.
Careless words that attach to skin and bite deep.
Nakedness only when clothes slip off of tired frames.
Momentos of a second hand many times round.

Kill me, the messenger.
I opened the cage to let these birds of misery
Or hope

You could feel it in your bones
Like the oncoming cold
Though it had already set it.
Maybe we're all numb and we don't know it
Until something
Breaths life into these deflated and dry lungs.

I came back
And never killed what was left inside
Rattling around
Pulling at the cerebral caged bars
Spark to bolt
Over and over
Leaving again

Forgive me.

We're all burning that midnight oil
Waiting for the person bringing the torch to light
Or hoping the one next to you will shine out from these silent nights
In the end
We burn the house down waiting.

Put the fire out with our blood
Shed from clawing to find truth
And hold on to these curtains
That pull away from windows
Seeing what you kept inside.
There is nothing to find.

I'll break your heart a thousand times before I break your spirit.
Or maybe
I already did.