Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hello Up There

I don't know if anyone is out there still, but I have so missed the community and I haven't been on for ages, let alone written anything creative.
I found a job that is both challenging and salaried.
I won't lie, I could stand to make about five hundred more a month to be safe but I like what I'm doing.
Being a therapist is harder than the person in the chair makes it look and I get tired of critical thinking all day every day or being chased out by teenagers, making my case to probation officers, etc.
Something else new happened...I got engaged!
Definitely couldn't be more happier.
Sooooo yeah. I know this isn't long but I would love to talk with everyone again, that is, if anyone is still around. :)


  1. I've certainly not gone anywhere :)

    Your job must be so challenging and draining, but I really admire what you're doing. To have such an effect on other people's lives sounds so rewarding.

    And congrats again! :D