Wednesday, November 5, 2014


She stole his bag to pour more sand in her eyes
Leveling the debt
Seeking sleep
And dreams

Turn the timer over
Lashes thick
And heavy
To tick
Away the happy lies of the day

"Sand man,  sand man, where are you?
My lips are puckered blood red
Just let me say
'How do you do?"

Silent creeks of evening willow winds
No surprise
She closed her eyes
And came up dead.


  1. "Silent creeks of evening willow winds
    No surprise
    She closed her eyes
    And came up dead."

    I like the way that reads, it's appealing to the eyes. Brings to mind a weeping willow tree blowing in the wind of a warm summer breeze. I like willows, just wish they didn't always have to weep.

    I know that's not related, but it's just what popped in my mind. Good to see you writing.

    1. I always found them hopeful because they're one of the first to get their leaves back in the spring. Sort of like, the bad doesn't last forever. Hey, thanks. It's really good to read yours because it's always a fresh slap of reality and yet thoughtful.

    2. Interesting. That I didn't know. I like them, they're not all that common around here, so when I see one I can't help but to take it in.

      And I'm glad you take what I say the way you do and not the wrong way. Some folks hate it.

  2. I love how trees can be related to life in general in so many ways. We are connected to them. They bring hope because they always come back to life...

  3. I always feel more alive in my dreams than I do awake. It's a strange feeling.