Thursday, October 23, 2014


I felt the shift ever so slightly
By the way there was no comfort in
My sheets 
And blankets. 
Toes crinkling the air 
Then shooting out for escape
I am trapped...
Trapped in a world of what if's and lies
Fancy, collectible pieces of mind
Peace of mind
Wasted time
Suddenly your skin felt so stifling
There was too much of you saturating
Every pour-

You kill me
Like no one can....
     And I can't
               I can't...

Your skin is stifling
I can't breath. 


  1. Good to see you around and writing, Eve. Unfortunate that it may have to be under painful circumstances, but nice to see you nevertheless.

    Take care of yoself.

  2. I really can't say I feel the same because it's a big assumption. I do feel at times like my body is wrong and my existence is wrong. It is so hard at times to accept realithy. I try so hard to ground myself and focus on the reality of what is. I see. I hear. I feel. It sucks a little less when I focus on that rather than my mind.

    I'm sorry that I probably haven't commented before and I am just rambling. It does help to separate and feel physically what is even though mentally I am so many other things. Physically, I exist despite my thoughts.

    Take care.

  3. I definitely relate to this Eve, also to what "hiding-in-public" said about feeling totally askew to your own body and your own existence. I find "mindfullness" techniques to help a bit with that, like, grounding yourself physically by focusing your mind on your physical sensations, in the present moment - your breathing, and the five senses. Also exercising, even just walking, makes me feel more comfortable in my body, rather than as if I'm trapped in it or else floating out of it all the time. Does that make any sense? :P Anyway hope you are feeling better! xx