Friday, November 15, 2013


He's probably not that good of a person.
More of a selfish titan than hero.
But I love running my slate painted nails down his back and watching the goose bumps follow in my wake.
I smile slyly.
My piece of power.
Then get up to go to the bathroom.
I love the way a hall looks when you look down with too much to drink.

Nothing could phase him.
I think.
Confident, self assured, delicious ambition.
The kind of person that begs to be dominated.
I wish I could.
How I wish I could.
I would make him fall in love with me
Or at least feel strongly for me
Like all the other poor souls just to show them the mirror.
Make them see those ugly parts of themselves they left to roam.
Self-appointed siren.
Masquerading as vigilante.
Shhh don't fault me.

I'm not a lady.
More of a buddy than your queen on the pedestal.
On my knees pretending I cared about delicacies.
Unless we're talking emotions.
You're not staying around
and I won't make you stay.
Wishing I could make you crawl.
Crawl across the floor with your black heart in your hands.
My foe is formidable.
The challenge I won't conquer.
But it's okay, for now.

I'm calling, calling.
Luring you in with that naive vulnerability.
Last attempt to capture you
With that net called lust.
We're a balance of too hard or too soft,
Hands flat on his chest, sitting on top.
With a little bead of sweat rolling from my temple.
Hair that hangs down my bare chest.
Where are your ribs now, little girl?
She isn't here,
and I'm playing woman.


  1. Oh the joys of a temporary relationship. You can play around with different personalities. Explore those sides of yourself - be the seductress, the siren. You are a woman, Eve. Let out that fuckin' roar!

    1. Haha I will! It's fun to learn things. Hard to let people go after things were good or taught important lessons.

  2. What is it about unavailable men that makes them so attractive? I think he would be a fool not to fall for you anyway.

    1. You know, we're seeing each other but there's something unavailable about him and I hate that. Thanks Emily. :) You flatter me.

  3. I don't have anything to add, that's just good writing.

  4. Ah my friend no matter how hard we try we can't make someone fall in love with us can we? It's never been done. But despite knowing this, we always always try. I wonder why that is?

    1. No, no we cannot. It's not love if you want to do that anyway. :) I think we just want to burn with that all consuming passion, or what we perceive as such.

  5. i always save your posts for my full attention time, so i can really absorb them and feel your words. and these words, girl, they are haunting yet somehow fucking beautiful. i feel your intensity, this shit means something me to.

    1. I always do the same with yours, since you write equally as emotively, so it's definitely a compliment and means a lot when you're taking all the time and commenting. Thank you :) The effect I was going for.

  6. You've definitely captured me Eve, with your beautiful writing, I'm sure your beauty, inside and out, has captured him too <3 xxx

    1. You always make my day. Thank you so much. :) Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows. I'm glad to have spent the time that I have regardless.

  7. First of all to your last. Congrats!! I knew you got it. And now you're mourning for the loss before hand... sweety *hug*, that's what we're good at, isn't it.

    omg, it sounds just like the kind of relationship I have with Suna. I bet he's hooked, he'll beg that you break him in the end. He wants to know what he's thinking and why because he can't wrap it open by himself. I often have to tell Suna that I know the things in her head because I know little too much of that how badly your head can work against yourself and because I read between the lines. Word always holds a meaning in relation to other words... it usually holds the meanings of synonyms and includes the opposite of the meaning. Like when someone says that something is missing, that person feels lost and alone even though she couldn't recognize the lost and alone, she only know that there should be something there, but she doesn't know what.

    With love however, I have a feeling that he loves you. But how? He's not quite sure. Sometimes you need to lose it before you know it, so enjoy what you have now and take what tomorrow brings...

    1. It is, but thank you for encouraging me. You always know how to make my day better!

      I don't know, I don't think so. He's very independent and self-sufficient. Who knows what goes on in that mind of his. I wish you could see the situation and give me the words of wisdom you always do.

      How do you know? I don't. Never know, but I'm grateful for the time I've spent.

  8. I felt as if u were describing me and my ex in that first paragraph,,,.this is amazing writing... I can totally relate to these words, the intensity, the lust... i'm. A follower of this blog now!

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate it. Just ramblings from the heart. I looked at yours and was a fan as well. :)